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Discover EXACTLY how to do cold outreach that will have 7-figure e-commerce brands lining up to get on the phone with you...

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What’s the ONE thing that STOPS agencies that deliver stellar results from scaling to the moon?

A LACK of sales opportunities in your sales pipeline.

And it isn't for a lack of trying either...

You've done it all - created content, posted on FB groups, cold DMed people, experimented with Linkedin, maybe even sent some cold emails - but all this gave you was:

Unqualified leads, tire-kickers, and LOTS of frustration.

But, is there a way to do it better?

Ask yourself this simple question:

How can I reach my prospects without needing an appointment?

- By stealing their dog and asking for a meeting in ransom?
Not unless you
don't have a heart.

- By showing up at their house uninvited?
Not unless you want t
o look like a total creep.

- By contacting them in their business inbox where they EXPECT and WELCOME anything that can help grow their business?


You see, there is are terrible ways to do outreach

And there are GREAT ways to do outreach

We follow the latter and here's how it has worked out for our clients:

44 cold emails sent, 5 meetings booked.

Screenshots from Campaigns an agency selling to ecommerce stores:

Getting responses such as these:

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And email inboxes FILLED with positive conversations:

Now, I have a confession to make:

The results you saw above - they didn't come to me overnight. Nor were they a result of some fortunate stroke of luck.

You see, after countless hours of crafting campaigns, scanning leads, writing follow-ups, and more, I have finally discovered a system that gets the job done 100% of the time.

It is my 4-step T.R.O.I. method

With the unique T.R.O.I. method, my team and I are able to get results that appear *impossible* to most email marketers out there.

We're talking things like:

  • The exact tech-setup you need to bypass ISPs, ESPs and dozens of other email inbox gatekeepers and reach directly to your prospect’s inbox.

  • A few lesser-known methods to use automation for *ethical* Linkedin outreach that doesn't put your Linkedin account at risk or make you look like a sleazy salesperson.

  • The 3-sentence-rule that guarantees your prospects NEVER report you as spam. Every time you’re marked as spam, your domain reputation takes a serious hit. Constantly being sent to spam will kill the deliverability of any emails you plan to send.

  • The ONE follow-up tactic that puts you on your prospect’s radar. Using this, I’ve had clients that told me they’re not interested at the moment reach out to me 6 months later offering to buy.

And much, much more…

You’ve might've dabbled with cold outreach before. Maybe you’ve worked/talked with someone else who did.

While I cannot say much about how your experience was, I can tell you this:

Ever since our inception, we have generated $600k+ in revenue for clients.

Helping them get meetings with names such as Walmart, Abiie, Nudestix, Formex Watches, Firewire, Jack Mason, and dozens of others...

And this is just the tip of the iceberg

But don't take my word for it

Listen to Jesse, the Chief Sales Officer at Amerisales tell you about his experience working with us

And how they landed meetings with C-level execs at 7-fig e-commerce brands

People think this is some sort of black magic. The numbers make it appear that way.

But, I’m no magician.

In fact, there’s quite a few situations I cannot help you in:

  • If you’re doing a low-ticket, B2C offer, I’m not your guy.

  • If you want to use bulk, hit or miss emails, I’m not your guy.

  • If you want to send out direct mail to people’s houses, I am definitely not your guy.

However, if you’re selling B2B, have a $3k+ proven offer, and want a pipeline full of prospects competing to get a piece of you (on the phone)...

Then I AM your guy and you absolutely should contact me ASAP.


You already have the offer dialed in. And with the T.R.O.I. distribution method, here's what you get:

Safety-first systems to reach your prospects without risking your reputation or your email/social media accounts

✔️ Setup technology to guarantee high inbox rates

✔️ Smart B2B prospecting while staying within every platform's rules

Proven process to Nail Down your Ideal Prospect Profile

✔️ Extensive research into your prospect's mind

✔️ Build out 3 crystal-clear target customer avatars for your offer

An outreach system that makes your messaging stand out using NLP

✔️ Short, crisp scripts that use pattern interrups

✔️ Personalization to connect with prospects. Poking at their pain to make them buy

✔️ Processes to reach up to 600 prospects/mo over multiple channels (email, Linkedin, phone)

A team that is communicative, transparent, and HUNGRY for results

✔️ Regular reports and status updates via Slack/email

✔️ 100% transparency and communication that goes above and beyond

✔️ Meetings with qualified prospects booked straight into your calendar

Still skeptical whether this would work for you?

Josh - an experienced email marketer at The Email Agency had worked with several "lead-generation" agencies and had been disappointed every single time.

Due to past experiences, they were extremely skeptical when it came to partnering with us for cold outreach. Through the leads that we brought in, Josh and his team signed an international brand that went on to become one of their top case studies.

Here's what he has to say about the experience:

Now, you know what I do. You’ve seen the results I’ve brought in for clients in the past. You’re smart enough to understand what your business needs right now.

There are three options:

Option #1: Do nothing

Let things be the way they are right now.

Do not work with us. Do nothing and keep missing out on the dozens of people out there who need your service and would be willing to pay you for it (handsomely, might I add).

But, if you want to stay on top of the competition and keep your pipeline full with new business opportunities, you have two options left:

Option #2: Find and hire a cheap email "copywriter"(who will leave you with a burned domain and a rotten business reputation)

Find someone who will copy paste templates they picked form a course, write subject lines stolen from the internet and have little clue about what they are doing when they represent your brand. If you've worked with someone who did emails for you and you're here reading this, you probably know what I'm talking about.

Fair warning: You might see them sending out emails that read:

“Dear sir… I would be very grateful and obliged and dancing with ecstasy if your holiness would not send me to spam. Pls buy my service. Thx.”

(no kidding!)

At some point you will decide it’s not working.

You’ll consider all the money you spent as sunken cost.

You’ll convince yourself “cold email doesn’t work!” and you’ll swear to never use it again.

All this, while there are people just like you getting more clients, making more money and smashing their goals left, right and center using cold email.

Option #3: Let us do the work for you and get you more clients

I have a team that will

  • work with you to figure out exactly who you want to target.

  • research exactly what they want - their desires, their pains, their fears

  • craft outreach campaigns that frame your offer in such a way that it appears irresistible - an absolute no-brainer to your clients

  • create robust distribution systems to reach your prospects. Followup with interested leads and get meetings with qualified prospects on your calendar

And we'll even go the extra mile to monitor, optimize, test, and iterate over and over based on real time feedback. This will make sure we always stay on top of what’s working and never lose our edge.

What’s going to be easier for you?

If you do decide to go with option #3, click the button below and we'll get in touch soon.

Fair warning: Please ensure you have sufficient capacity to onboard and handle multiple new clients at your business before you hit the I'm Interested button above.

See you on the other side!